Introduction To Cupping For Bodyworkers (Intro 1 & 2)


12 NCBTMB credits

Next Class is May 15-16, 2020.

Learn the art of cupping therapy and integrate it into your practice! Cupping increases the beneficial results of your bodywork sessions with clients by increasing blood flow to damaged tissue and facilitating tissue repair. Cupping enhances healing post-trauma for acute and chronic pain patterns.

Intro To Cupping ForBodyworkers includes Intro to Cupping 1 and 2. Over the course of two days, you will learn the care and use of both pump cups and silicone cups, and you’ll become familiar with standing and sliding cupping techniques. We will cover pain patterns that are commonly seen in practice and the most effective techniques to resolve them. Topics include treatment of hip pain, forearm pain, relieving spinal tension, and easing common cod symptoms..

You will need silicone cups and a set of vacuum pump cups for this workshop.

Visit the Intro To Cupping 1 and 2 pages to learn more.

Intro To Cupping 1 

 Intro To Cupping 2