Cupping 2 NCBTMB Class Description


Description as presented to NCBTMB

Course Title: Cupping For Bodyworkers II
Prerequisite: Intro To Cupping For Bodyworkers
Open to Licensed Professionals
Hours: 6 (CEU pending)
Category: Bodywork Asian Studies

Course Description: Cupping Therapy is a valuable technique for bodyworkers. The class will present students with additional cupping techniques to thoseĀ learned in Introduction To Cupping For Bodyworkers. Students will be introduced to sliding cupping, use of silicone cups and cupping massage. Cupping patterns for commonly treated pain patterns and conditions will be covered.

Detailed Description: Safe use of cupping is paramount and students will be carefully monitored in practice sessions. Care of cups and safe use of cups will be reviewed. Both vacuum pump cups and silicone cups will be used in class. Common patterns will include releases of spine tension, arm pain, and leg pain including sciatica.

Purpose: Participants will learn to use safe cupping as an adjunct therapy in their bodywork sessions.

Intent: Participants will become comfortable with additional cupping therapy techniques, understand when to combine these techniques with those learned in Intro to Cupping For Bodyworkers, and be able to integrate it into their practices.

Learning Outcomes:

Students will demonstrate proficiency with therapeutic cupping techniques.

Students will be confident in employing the learned techniques in their practices.

Learning Objectives:

Students will learn additional cupping techniques.
Students will understand how to determine which techniques to use.

Students will demonstrate ability to use the appropriate pattern for back pain.

Students will demonstrate ability to us the appropriate pattern for leg pain including sciatica.

Students will demonstrate ability to us the appropriate pattern for arm pain.

Students will demonstrate knowledge of therapeutic massage that enhance each of the cupping patterns learned.